Five Towns Adult Fitness Classes

Melt Calories. Get Fit. Have FUN! That's What Our Classes Are All About!

From Fat to Fab!

At Warren Levi Martial Arts in NY we have a Kickboxing Fitness program that when followed properly guarantees amazing results at lightning speed. You can lose up to 800 calories in a single class. Whether your goal is to improve your physical fitness level or shed pounds you will transform your body from the inside out.

Your will be taught through a blend of Muay Thai boxing and kickboxing, Shotokan and Boot Camp drills. Each aspect of this program works with your body to replace fatty tissue with lean muscle.

Kickboxing and Krav Maga

Through the use of gloves you will train to become a tough fighter who is prepared for any opponent. You will learn self defense while training your body and mind to think like a true fighter.

Karate For Adults

Using high repetition and low resistant movements you will develop longer, leaner and more flexible muscles. No weights or special equipment required.

Boot Camp

This hardcore workout uses intense cardio, and muscular endurance. It is full of high energy drills that will keep you sweating and having a great time burning those calories.


A hybrid of boxing and fitness, learning the technical side of boxing while mixing in high-intensity cardio drills.

Fun and Knowledgeable!

Our well qualified and experienced instructors are trained to keep you safe from injury while keeping you focused on your goals. They will train you to take down any opponent regardless of their size while toning and conditioning your entire body. Our studio is clean, welcoming and very professional. Our entire class is taught with high energy to keep you having fun and craving more!

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Benefits of Five Towns adult fitness

  • Extreme Fat and Weight Loss
  • Strength from the CORE Out
  • Better Balance and Flexibility
  • Improved Concentration and Focus
  • More Energy and Less Stress And More!
  • More Energy and Less Stress
  • And More!

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