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  • Working Out 2 + Days a Week

    Working Out 2 + Days a Week

    The best way to workout varies. If you want to lose weight, do cardiovascular exercises such as Boxing, Boxfit, Krav Maga, Kickboxing and Karate at Warren Levi Martial Arts. If you want to build muscle, you do strength training such as various weightlifting exercises and calisthenics. Yes, the minimum requirement for healthy living is two training sessions a week. Working out 2 + Days a Week can really help even when not working out every day. The truth is that many people don’t have a slow metabolism. So that’s not an excuse for why you are not losing weight. In fact, being heavier means you have a higher metabolism as you burn more calories because you have more mass. ....

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  • Don’t Lose Weight Just For Summer, Lose It Forever

    Don’t Lose Weight Just For Summer, Lose It Forever

    Losing weight is not a game, more specifically a “numbers game” . Don’t start counting pounds and calories to edge yourself down the scale. Being fit requires tedious and menial determination. It takes many months, maybe even many years to get that ideal body you want. Don’t look at the Hollywood Workout Lifestyle, that’s just a temporary fix. Hollywood actors change their body weight structure all to fit a certain role as fast as possible without any permanent positive gain. Make sure that your weight isn’t just lost for summer, but that it’s lost forever. You don’t need to impress anyone for vanity purposes, losing weight and ....

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  • After Holidays Getting Back Into Shape Workouts: Passover, Spring Break, Easter – The Trifecta

    After Holidays Getting Back Into Shape Workouts: Passover, Spring Break, Easter – The Trifecta

    It’s been a food orgy festivus trifecta for everyone and now it’s time to get back in shape. Get back on the “High Horse” and re-commit to all your workouts you’ve dropped for all that vacay fun. Always remember to maintain a healthy lifestyle with clean eating. All that “fast” food like brisket and matzah for Passover can lead to stomach problems. The same can be said for Easter and its chocolates. Spring break foods may be a plus, but they spell doom in the long run. Only 5% of people keep the weight off after a diet so that’s not a good option. Just manage weight loss with portion control and go back to Warren Levi ....

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  • Daily Weigh-Ins are Not a Good Idea

    Daily Weigh-Ins are Not a Good Idea

    By: Saul A. Herman Don’t weigh yourself every day, it can become an obsession. Weight fluctuates due to the amount of food and drink we put into our body on a daily basis. Our moods can be affected just by seeing a bad number, a heavier weight, as the day goes on. You are not alone, many people fall into the trap of overindulging the weight scale. If you drink a full bottle of water, a pound of water can be added to your weight; If you eat a quarter pound burger, there goes your cheat meal for the day. Muscle weighs more than fat. It does not however take up the same space. Muscle is denser therefore heavier, yet takes up less mass than fat which takes up more volume ....

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  • Karate – A history of the “Empty Hand” Style

    Karate – A history of the “Empty Hand” Style

    Modern day Karate stems from Okinawa, the fifth largest island in Japan. For over two-hundred years Karate evolved and flourished but its historic origins stem from an ancient culture from over thousands of years ago. Sensei Gichin Funakoshi is the modern master of the current state of Karate as it lives on in the modern world. The notion of Karate or “Empty Hand” fighting came from the need for self defense as weapons were banned by the samurai rulers in seventeenth century Japan. Sensei Gichin Funakoshi had taken the art of Karate fighting from its Chinese origins and modified it to completely fit the Japanese values and people who at the time hated the notion of anything ....

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  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (A.S.D.) and the Benefits of Training Karate

    Autism Spectrum Disorder (A.S.D.) and the Benefits of Training Karate

    Karate is rewarding for people with A.S.D. People with A.S.D. constantly find the need to indirectly start engaging in repetitive activities and Karate, specifically Kata and Kihon, fill the negative void repetitive actions can lead to. It also fills the social gap by having people in the same class with similar interests and wavelength throughout the spectrum. Several studies were done to show how Karate can benefit people with A.S.D. and how it lifts their social awareness and emotional self-confidence. In the act of three separate studies lead by the same team of Researchers, information was found that justifies and includes people with A.S.D. as competent individuals when ....

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  • What Makes Karate Special and How Does it Impact your Life in a Significant Way

    What Makes Karate Special and How Does it Impact your Life in a Significant Way

    Changing your life for the better is one goal that many want. Choosing fitness as a goal to achieve, to improve your overall way of life, is a must. A main way that can accomplish a lot of goals in your life while at the same time improving daily living is karate, a traditional form of fitness found in East Asian culture. Three main ways that Karate benefits you and makes you a better person and feel good about yourself is by improving your socialization skills among peers, your immune system to live a healthy life, and your overall attitude on life. Studies have shown through progressive testing that there are three beneficial ways that Karate helps you become the best version ....

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  • How to Accomplish Your New Years Resolution

    How to Accomplish Your New Years Resolution

    Anyone can fail their new year’s resolution whatever the case may be. Do not let that define you and rise above the rest. You are the enactor of your own resolution, you can decide your own fate. Don’t let common misconceptions about failing your new year’s resolution make you break your own. You can be better than all the rest with just a few simple tips on how to better fulfill your new year’s resolution and go on your fitness journey. Working out with others and having a support network is a great stand in for those that want to keep their new year’s resolutions. Even having a personal trainer to keep you on track or having a food diary are great ....

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