Don’t Lose Weight Just For Summer, Lose It Forever

Don’t Lose Weight Just For Summer, Lose It Forever


     Losing weight is not a game, more specifically a “numbers game”. Don’t start counting pounds and calories to edge yourself down the scale. Being fit requires tedious and menial determination. It takes many months, maybe even many years to get that ideal body you want. Don’t look at the Hollywood Workout Lifestyle, that’s just a temporary fix. Hollywood actors change their body weight structure all to fit a certain role as fast as possible without any permanent positive gain. Make sure that your weight isn’t just lost for summer, but that it’s lost forever. You don’t need to impress anyone for vanity purposes, losing weight and keeping it off is a lifestyle change that changes your life forever for the best.

            Take care of yourself, take care of your mind, have a new perspective on life. A good mindset can allow you to make the slow meandering path to success. It’s going to be hard at first but with struggle and sacrifice comes success and rewards reaped.

            To lose weight and keep it off forever but gain muscle in return, one must use strength training, not cardio. Cardio can make you lose muscle and fat but strength training flexes your muscles so that they know through muscle memory not to not to be removed from your body. You will instead be removing stored fat and maintain and build up your muscles over time.

Yes, some cardio is important but it’s not the primary objective. As you slowly tone your body and get rid of fatty cells, your muscle cells grow and outnumber them, this makes you have more energy throughout the day and boosts your metabolism. As one grows older in age, they lose muscle mass if they don’t find a way to keep it on and grow some more through active weight training exercises.

Use Summer as a springboard to success, if you manage to meet a good weight goal then keep going past it and make another weight goal, maybe a fitness goal or a life goal. Working out is an ongoing lifestyle change, it never ends, and so shall you never stop to live a long and healthy life.




Saul A. Herman


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