After Holidays Getting Back Into Shape Workouts: Passover, Spring Break, Easter – The Trifecta

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             It’s been a food orgy festivus trifecta for everyone and now it’s time to get back in shape. Get back on the “High Horse” and re-commit to all your workouts you’ve dropped for all that vacay fun.

            Always remember to maintain a healthy lifestyle with clean eating. All that “fast” food like brisket and matzah for Passover can lead to stomach problems. The same can be said for Easter and its chocolates. Spring break foods may be a plus, but they spell doom in the long run. Only 5% of people keep the weight off after a diet so that’s not a good option. Just manage weight loss with portion control and go back to Warren Levi Martial Arts and continue with your usual workout routine.

            Take it slow, too much working out can lead to you quitting fitness due to overwork and stress. And even if that happens you can just come back after a very brief hiatus. Always remember that you’re in charge of the life your given.

All the choices you make, affect you in many ways. One small misstep can lead to a great hurdle in the future. This is why realigning yourself with the exercise routine that is right for you, in physical fitness and martial arts, leads you on the best path for uplifting your overall athletic ability and better living lifestyle.




By Saul A. Herman

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