Daily Weigh-Ins are Not a Good Idea

Daily Weigh-Ins are Not a Good Idea

By: Saul A. Herman


Don’t weigh yourself every day, it can become an obsession. Weight fluctuates due to the amount of food and drink we put into our body on a daily basis. Our moods can be affected just by seeing a bad number, a heavier weight, as the day goes on. You are not alone, many people fall into the trap of overindulging the weight scale. If you drink a full bottle of water, a pound of water can be added to your weight; If you eat a quarter pound burger, there goes your cheat meal for the day.

            Muscle weighs more than fat. It does not however take up the same space. Muscle is denser therefore heavier, yet takes up less mass than fat which takes up more volume per square inch of weight. You can weigh more on the scale but appear thinner than one who weighs the same amount as you but looks bigger than you.

Your body mass ratio, or BMR, accounts for many things such as water retention, bone mass, visceral fat, subcutaneous fat, and muscle mass. Water retention means how much water weight you have; bone mass means how heavy and dense your bones are; visceral fat is the amount of fat that surrounds your organs which are primarily in your abdominal region; subcutaneous fat is the amount of fat you have inside your multiple layers of skin; and finally your muscle mass accounts for how much of your remaining weight is made of pure muscle. These numbers can all be found on specialised body weight scales that take into account your overall body composition. An example of a scale like this is “Renpho,” a scale on the cheaper side that works with an app on a smartphone, and can help you keep track of your weight loss goals.

A good way to change your obsession is to weigh yourself once a week to not fall back into the weight loss obsession trap. By maintaining a healthy lifestyle and not weighing yourself every day, multiple times throughout the day, you can take care of more important things such as keeping your life on the healthy weight loss track.



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