How to Accomplish Your New Years Resolution

How to Accomplish Your New Years Resolution

Anyone can fail their new year’s resolution whatever the case may be. Do not let that define you and rise above the rest. You are the enactor of your own resolution, you can decide your own fate. Don’t let common misconceptions about failing your new year’s resolution make you break your own. You can be better than all the rest with just a few simple tips on how to better fulfill your new year’s resolution and go on your fitness journey.

            Working out with others and having a support network is a great stand in for those that want to keep their new year’s resolutions. Even having a personal trainer to keep you on track or having a food diary are great options to consider as well.

            Don’t let facts define you. Although seventy-five percent of people quit on their resolutions such as going to the gym or getting fit, you don’t have to fall under that percentage. You can break the social norms of failing to complete your resolutions in the next critical few months after January. It is by that time that the regular members at the gym are back to their regular routine without the need to share the fitness equipment with those that gave up on their new year’s resolutions. You can push yourself and work harder, train as best as you can, and never give up. Productivity is key.

            A surefire way to make sure that you stick to your resolution is by making small fitness goals such as losing five pounds for now. You can worry about losing more weight when that small goal has been fulfilled. Live in the moment and don’t feel overwhelmed by the future. Trying to cut out your sugary drinks to lower your daily calorie count is another great way to make a small goal for yourself to better help your new year’s fitness resolution. In addition to losing weight from drinking soda or any other sugar filled beverages, one will also be preventing themselves from having any possible chance to get diabetes or obesity. Another aid to better help your fitness goal is to give up on smoking and drinking as well as you can. Don’t quit cold turkey, rather limit it to small amounts that you partake in every day.

            Through these methods that you can incorporate into your life by way of a new year’s resolution, you can pave the way for future resolutions every year that pair well with your lifelong resolutions. Lifelong resolutions are different than new year’s resolution in that after you complete your new year’s resolution, you continue to accomplish this resolution long after the next upcoming year. Through the process of accomplishing one new year’s resolution every year, and accomplishing that resolution, you can make another resolution for the next year while keeping your current resolution regardless of the end of the year.


Written and Researched by Saul Herman

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