Shihan Warren Levi Kids Martial Arts Instructor

Shihan Warren Levi

Shihan Warren Levi is the owner and chief instructor of Warren Levi Martial Arts. He holds a 7th Degree Black Belt in Shotokan Karate.

He began his karate career in South Africa at the age of 7, and by 9 years old competed at a National Level winning numerous gold, silver and bronze medals annually.

Shihan Warren has competed in many competitions all over the world (including Greece, Hungary, Israel, and Japan), representing South Africa and then later, the United States of America. He has won gold medals and the title of World Champion at many of these prestigious events.
Shihan Warren holds degrees in Physical Education, Exercise Physiology, and Sports Management.
He has been teaching in Primary and High Schools since 13 years old.
Since coming to America in 2001, Shihan Warren has taught in local public and private schools,  various special needs organizations, and national organizations all to further the physical education of children and adults.
Shihan Warren recently was the recipient of the 2013 Mark of Excellence Award in recognition for his dedication to the Martial Arts. Warren Levi Martial Arts received this award in 2012 as well, in addition to the 2011 Nassau County Distinguished Medal of Service, and the 2013 Town of Hempstead Citation for Stranger Danger Awareness and Self-Defense.

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